ecotube HOME root irrigation

The most efficient and robust soaker hose on the market!

It all started 2008 in Rostock with the ecotube Germany GmbH. Since then our soaker hose, ecotube, has come along way and succesfully been integrated in agriculture and landscaping projects around the globe.

Unfortunately, the persistent droughts don't stop at garden fences. That is why we decided to make the ecotube HOME soaker hose accesible to everybody.

We offer a complete, professional, long term root irrigation system, which will get you started right away.

Advantages of ecotube HOME

Due to the subsurface installation of the irrigation hose and the homogenous delivery of water over a distance of up to 100m, it is possible to save an average of 58% water compared to other irrigation systems.

The ecotube HOME consist mainly of recycled tires which are being transformed in a laborious process to ecotube HOME.

Due to the subsurface installation, the ecotube HOME is invisible and protected as well. So your garden can be the center of attention.

A uniform root irrigation reduces the stress of the plant. That is the reason why plants are healthier and grow better with ecotube HOME.

Every ecotube HOME soaker hose which leaves our production, is being tested and marked with an individual control number to ensure a consistent quality.

Due to the irrigation of the root zone, only a limited amount will actually be visible on the surface, if any at all, which will reduce growth of unwanted weeds.

Customer testimonials

"Great irrigation! The set was delivered very quickly.
Compared to other pearl tubes that I have tried in the past, the quality and scope of delivery here are significantly higher."

Mónika Szabó

"Great system...easy to"

Elisabeth K.

"I bought the hose to water the flower bed next to my garage. I buried the hose in the ground before planting the plants.
Everything works as described and the plants have grown very well so far."

Eduard Schröder

We are here for you

If you have any questions regarding the ecotube HOME irrigation system, our support team is there for you.

A lot of potential questions might have already been answered in our FAQ section.

If you cannot find the right answer, send us a message through our contact formular. or call is directly

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