It all started in ancient Egypt, with the burrying of clay jugs (Ollas) next to plants, which would reduce negative irrigation effects such as vaporisation.

The functioning principal of ecotube HOME is similar. It is burried inside the soil, close to the root zone, where it creates a homogenous water layer. The roots naturally grow towards the water and actively absorb it via suction tension. Due to the poroes surface of ecotube HOME , the roots cannot grow inside it. Even water which contains lime is not a problem with subsurface root irrigation (SRI). If the water quality is unsure, a filter should always be used.

To make the installation as easy as possible, every ecotube HOME complete set contains the necessary accesoires. Additionally each set will include an Installation manual which explains the whole procedure step by step. The only thing you require is a water connection, a garden scissor, a spade and a garden hose with connectors.

Technical details

Inside diameter    

12,5 mm

Outside diameter

17,5 mm

Working pressure

0,69 bar

Irrigation length with linear installation

100 m


Approximately 1,3 litres per hour and meter*

* Measured on the surface. The flowrate varies depending on the soil conditions. When starting the irrigation, the flowrate is higher but will level itself over time.